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Tao Lin- Whale Poem

Let me preface this with the fact that I rarely like poetry, especially when read in front of crowds. This past year i enjoyed probably 5 poems total, including this one and one written by my friend Eva involving a velociraptor. ¬†Tao Lin is the author of books such as Bed, Eeeee Eee Eeee, and Shoplifting from American Apparel. Enjoy ūüôā


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My Top 50 Artists of 2009

Here is a list of the top 50 artists i listened to this past year (according to Last.fm). This of course only accounts for music i listened to on my computer through iTunes so it’s not super accurate, but you get an idea of what my tastes were this year.
1. Lemuria- 299
2.¬†The Failures’ Union-¬†289
3.Tegan and Sara- 257
4.The Mountain Goats- 244
5. Jawbreaker- 240
5. Explosions in the Sky- 240
7. Cat Power- 234
8. Belle and Sebastian- 208
9. Neutral Milk Hotel- 200
10. Nine Inch Nails- 180
11. Girl Talk- 170
12. The Ergs!- 164
13. Dead Prez- 158
14. Kanye West- 151
15. Eyehategod- 149
16. Eluvium- 139
17.The Postal Service-122
18.Your Heart Breaks-120
19. Low- 118
20. Fugazi-114
21. David Cross-113
22. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-107
23. Eric Ayotte-106
24.The Get Up Kids-97
25.The Kills-94
26. Fucked Up-91
26. The Lemonheads-91
28. Au Revoir Simone- 85
28.Dan Savage (Savage Love Cast)-85
30.Paul Baribeau-81
31.Death Cab for Cutie-80
32.Daft Punk-79
32.Dinosaur Jr.-79
34. Cheap Girls-77
35. Patton Oswalt-76
36. Tool-74
36. Bikini Kill-74
38.The Unlovables-73
38. Nick Drake-73
38.-Tender Forever-73
41.Three 6 Mafia-72
42.Alkaline Trio-70
44.Andrew Jackson Jihad-69
44.The Magnetic Fields-69
46.The Evens-68
48.Ol’ Dirty Bastard-67
50.Godspeed You! Black Emperor-65

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I felt really sick after i read that quote in an article on Engadget today. ¬†I thought it may have been the potatoes i was eating at the time, but the more i read the article the sicker i get. ¬†I don’t see the paper book becoming extinct in my lifetime, but it’s really sad to see the way things are heading. ¬†I wonder if there will be textbooks in school in 10-20 years, or if every student will be given a Kindle (or whatever the e-book reader of choice is at the time).

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As fans of the clip art magazine Crap Hound by Sean Tejaratchi know, back issues are always high in demand and go for a lot on Ebay.  Thanks to Chloe Eudaly of Show & Tell Press/Reading Frenzy, issues #6 and #7 are currently in print for $12 each.  According to a post on the Reading Frenzy facebook, a reprint of Crap Hound #4 is coming out in January 2010, followed by a reprint of issue #5 in the summer and the brand new issue # 8 due in the fall/winter of 2010.

Blog Posts about Crap Hound:

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Walt Panorama
Print Fetish

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Here’s a short video i did about my mail organizer:

Here’s a couple pictures of the organizer so you can see it better:

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I have always dreamed of having a zine making workshop in my house, complete with printer, photocopier, long arm stapler, paper cutter, etc… ¬†While i don’t see myself buying a photocopier anytime soon, i am a little closer to my dream. Since i won’t be with my family for the holidays this year, x-mas came a little early for me this year in the form of a priority mail box full of wonderful gifts from my mom and brother. ¬†Among those were the beautiful long arm stapler pictured here. ¬†I have yet to try it out but it looks a lot nicer than the ones i have used at Kinkos in the past.

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Small World

After doing some googling to check for any mentions of my zine, i came across a photography magazine/zine out of Los Angeles also named All Things Ordinary. They also released their first issue this year! So weird…

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