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My housemate James and i had another zine making night tonight.  We got off to a late start because he overslept, but we worked on our individual zines for a good 3-4 hours.  I can’t speak for him, but tonight was really productive for me.  I printed and laid out two stories i had written for All Things Ordinary #2.  The first was 9 pages and the 2nd ended up being 5 pages.  Combined with the 5 pages i laid out during the first zine making night, ATO #2 is currently at 19 pages!  In the process, i finished off two glue sticks as you can see in the photo.  Now i need to write more this next week.  I already have some ideas on what i’m going to write next so it shouldn’t be too hard.

I also need to buy more gluesticks!

Playlist for zine making night #2:

-Paul Baribeau- “s/t”
-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone- “Pocket Symphonies for Lonesome Subway Cars”
-The Evens- “s/t” and “Get Evens”
-The Postal Service- “Give Up”
-Sigur Ros- “Agaetis Byrjun”
-Girl Talk- “Feed the Animals”

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After seeing several people on my facebook feed posting about this site, i decided to check it out.  Basically it’s a place where people can ask you any question they desire.  They can sign in or ask it anonymously, it’s their choice. You also have the option to delete them or answer them (they don’t become public until you answer them).  Give it a try and ask me something.  Comment with your account and i’ll ask you a question too.

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Much like the Craphound fundraiser i posted about a few weeks ago, Failures’ Union have decided to try funding a vinyl version of their first album, “Sinker”, using Kickstarter.com.  Pledge levels include copies of the LP on One Percent Press, digital version of the album (including bonus tracks), test presses, and even songs written about you.  I recently posted about a music video that was released for the song “West Coast NY” off of “Sinker“.

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In my never ending quest to find alternative ways to make money, i found a new possibility yesterday on threadless.com.  I’ve known for a while that you get a good amount of money if one of your design submissions gets printed into a shirt ($2,000 plus a $500 gift certificate for Threadless, plus $500 anytime they reprint the design).  Unfortunately my graphic design skills aren’t quite good enough for that so i’ve never tried to submit anything.  I did notice however that they have a new line of t-shirts called “Typetees” which are mainly text, sometimes illustrated in a interesting way.  Upon further digging, i discovered that anyone can submit slogans (up to 65 characters in length) and if your idea is used, you get $500! So i’ve been submitting ideas like crazy since they’re so easy.  Everything from things i’d actually wear to silly things that i think other people might enjoy (i’m doing it for the kids!).   Much like the regular Threadless shirts, the ideas are voted on my the users.  If you’d like to see my ideas so far (and vote on your favorite ones), click here to check them out.

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My house mates and I had a zine making night tonight.  It has been a very productive night for me.  I started out by organizing my clip art in my newly acquired accordion folder.  Then i decided to go through and cut out zine backgrounds from various pages i have saved from magazines.  Once all that was set, i finally started printing out the text to one of the stories for All Things Ordinary #2.  This issue is going to be all stories of things that have happened since i’ve been living in Portland.  I have 3 stories completely written thus far and printed and laid out the first one tonight, How My Bad Brains Tattoo Got Me a Job.  In my head i’ve decided my deadline is the first week of February, but I don’t know how realistic that is.  I have 5 pages done so far (this zine is going to be quarter sized just like #1).  I want it to be longer than the first issue (which is 24 pages) so I’m aiming for at least 32 pages, but hopefully more.  I still have lots of stories that i want to write, or could write about if i need to.  It feels good to have glue on my fingers again.

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PZS is looking for art submissions for the 2010 poster. This year’s theme is
“Zine Arcade” Your art submission should be your creative interpretation of
that theme.

*The guidelines are simple – We are looking for a 11″ wide x 17″ tall poster
that will also be used in other formats (the web, post cards, buttons,
stickers, etc), so your design needs to be visible and striking at** multiple
sizes and resolutions (or have smaller, breakaway pieces). The design will
eventually be silk screened / screen printed onto t-shirts, so limit your
colors to black, white and one other color. We encourage artists to use any
medium or style. We strongly prefer that the choosen artist is able to
assist us in the process of transferring (resizing / cropping / etc) the
image multiple mediums.*

*Your design should include (or be able to include once all details are
finalized) the following:*

*- the theme*

*- the dates (TBA)*

*- the place (TBA)*

*- the website (**www.pdxzines.com**)*

*- “10th Annual Portland Zine Symposium”*

*- “A conference and zine social exploring facets of independent publishing
and DIY culture.”*
*Submission deadline is March 15th. Submissions can be emailed to **
pdxzines@gmail.com (most strongly preferred)**, mailed (to PO Box 5901
Portland, OR 97228-5901), or dropped off at the IPRC.*

here are posters from the last 2 years:

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One of the hardest things about moving to Portland was leaving all my friends and their bands behind. The one i definitely miss the most is Failures’ Union.  Their 90’s alternative sound is so good and catchy. Eric Ayotte recently dug up footage of a music video he shot with them and edited it together (the best he could with 1 tape lost).  The video turned out pretty good for a low budget shot in someone’s backyard.  Hopefully with the recent release of their album In What Way, we’ll see some more fun music videos from this great Buffalo, NY band.

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