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I’m really bummed i’m not going to be able make it, but if anyone can they should go to the first Chicago Zine Fest March 12-13.  John Porcellino and Jeffrey Brown both signed on to do workshops and the reading.  I’m sure there will be more announcements as the fest draws closer.


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The first time i went to Chicago, my friend Marc Moscato told me to check out a really cool zine shop called Quimby’s.  I followed his advice and i definitely wasn’t disappointed.  I had never seen so many zines in a store before and definitely spent more than i should have there.  Fast forward 5 years and now one of my zines is available on the shelves and online at Quimby’s.  Here is what they had to say about it:

Talk about a pre-emptive strike! Instead of moving to Portland and then writing a zine about moving, Derek did it all out of order and wrote the perzine in Buffalo before moving to Portland.  Welcome home, man.

It feels good to have my zine in stores all around the country.  Currently my zine is available at:

Atomic Books (Baltimore, MD)
City Lights Bookstore (San Francisco, CA)
Floating World Comics (Portland, OR)
Guapo Comics (Portland, OR)
Powell’s (Portland, OR)
Quimby’s (Chicago, IL)
Reading Frenzy (Portland, OR)

If anyone knows any other stores that sell zines, let me know because i would love to get my zine in as many stores as possible.

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