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These days, there aren’t many places to send your zine for review.  The most well known (and the longest running) is Maximum Rocknroll.  I’ve usually had good luck with reviews in MRR, and this was no exception.  Here is a picture of the review of All Things Ordinary #1 as it appeared in issue #324.  If i feel ambitious down the road i may type it up.

Edit: here is the review as i retyped it:

“This perzine is all about one man’s shocking decision to do something he thought was always for suckers- move to Portland.  He describes his solemn final days in Buffalo, NY.  It’s cute as hell.  He sells his bike he loves so much, does laundry at the terrifying place with the horrible woman, eats stupid amounts of greasy vegetarian food at the local spot.  He waxes about how different it will be to be the new guy who is capable of anything in a new town after being so entrenched in the scene in Buffalo and losing sight oh whether he actually likes all the bands he sees all the time or just loves his friends and everything they do is precious.  For some reason, I kept thinking the author must be female while I was reading it, but it’s actually this lovely sentimental fellow, Derek.  How does the bumper sticker go?  Question reality, doggies.”


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