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As i previously wrote about, Crap Hound #4 is going to be hitting the press soon.  Unfortunately like most things, it takes a lot of money up front to fund something like this.  Using kickstarter.com, Show & Tell Press is offering some great rewards for people who are willing to help fund the printing such as subscriptions to the next 3 issues of Crap Hound, extra clip art, stickers, buttons, and a limited edition print.  If you’re  a fan of Crap Hound or clip art, i highly recommend taking advantage of these exclusive deals.


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As fans of the clip art magazine Crap Hound by Sean Tejaratchi know, back issues are always high in demand and go for a lot on Ebay.  Thanks to Chloe Eudaly of Show & Tell Press/Reading Frenzy, issues #6 and #7 are currently in print for $12 each.  According to a post on the Reading Frenzy facebook, a reprint of Crap Hound #4 is coming out in January 2010, followed by a reprint of issue #5 in the summer and the brand new issue # 8 due in the fall/winter of 2010.

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