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I love learning new things, especially art/crafty stuff. When I started dating Cortney (almost 2 months ago) and found out she loved to knit, i was excited for her to teach me.  It took a month and a half, but i finally asked her to show me some basics yesterday.  I thought it would be something i’d try but not really enjoy, but to my surprise I really like knitting!  My first project is just a simple potholder while i get the hang of it. I’m using wool which is a little weird as a vegan, but i really appreciate Cortney letting me use her yarn and needles to learn on until i buy my own.  Today we went to a yarn store and I eyed a really cool knitted blanket made up of different colored squares and thought about how awesome it would be to make something like that.  I’ve already been warned that knitting is an expensive hobby to get into.  Nevertheless, i’m really excited!

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