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Very rarely do i call something the best thing ever.  I often eat great food or listen to amazing music but i don’t recall ever claiming one thing as “the best”.  This being said, i can confidently say that i just watched the best movie i have ever seen.  I went into Electroma (directed by Daft Punk) thinking it would be an entertaining watch because they are known for having good music videos and i previously enjoyed their other movie Interstella 5555.  I was not expecting to be blown away like i was. As i sat in my living room, i could not believe how perfect the movie was.  At first i wondered if it was just me but then as the credits were rolling for a few minutes, my housemates and i finally started talking about how incredible what we just watched was.  The three of us were literally speechless.  After doing some reading about the movie, i read that people have sync’d Daft Punk- “Human After All” to the movie and it works really well.  I can’t wait to try it out.


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