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Much like the Craphound fundraiser i posted about a few weeks ago, Failures’ Union have decided to try funding a vinyl version of their first album, “Sinker”, using Kickstarter.com.  Pledge levels include copies of the LP on One Percent Press, digital version of the album (including bonus tracks), test presses, and even songs written about you.  I recently posted about a music video that was released for the song “West Coast NY” off of “Sinker“.


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One of the hardest things about moving to Portland was leaving all my friends and their bands behind. The one i definitely miss the most is Failures’ Union.  Their 90’s alternative sound is so good and catchy. Eric Ayotte recently dug up footage of a music video he shot with them and edited it together (the best he could with 1 tape lost).  The video turned out pretty good for a low budget shot in someone’s backyard.  Hopefully with the recent release of their album In What Way, we’ll see some more fun music videos from this great Buffalo, NY band.

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My Top 50 Artists of 2009

Here is a list of the top 50 artists i listened to this past year (according to Last.fm). This of course only accounts for music i listened to on my computer through iTunes so it’s not super accurate, but you get an idea of what my tastes were this year.
1. Lemuria- 299
2. The Failures’ Union- 289
3.Tegan and Sara- 257
4.The Mountain Goats- 244
5. Jawbreaker- 240
5. Explosions in the Sky- 240
7. Cat Power- 234
8. Belle and Sebastian- 208
9. Neutral Milk Hotel- 200
10. Nine Inch Nails- 180
11. Girl Talk- 170
12. The Ergs!- 164
13. Dead Prez- 158
14. Kanye West- 151
15. Eyehategod- 149
16. Eluvium- 139
17.The Postal Service-122
18.Your Heart Breaks-120
19. Low- 118
20. Fugazi-114
21. David Cross-113
22. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-107
23. Eric Ayotte-106
24.The Get Up Kids-97
25.The Kills-94
26. Fucked Up-91
26. The Lemonheads-91
28. Au Revoir Simone- 85
28.Dan Savage (Savage Love Cast)-85
30.Paul Baribeau-81
31.Death Cab for Cutie-80
32.Daft Punk-79
32.Dinosaur Jr.-79
34. Cheap Girls-77
35. Patton Oswalt-76
36. Tool-74
36. Bikini Kill-74
38.The Unlovables-73
38. Nick Drake-73
38.-Tender Forever-73
41.Three 6 Mafia-72
42.Alkaline Trio-70
44.Andrew Jackson Jihad-69
44.The Magnetic Fields-69
46.The Evens-68
48.Ol’ Dirty Bastard-67
50.Godspeed You! Black Emperor-65

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