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One of the hardest things about moving to Portland was leaving all my friends and their bands behind. The one i definitely miss the most is Failures’ Union.  Their 90’s alternative sound is so good and catchy. Eric Ayotte recently dug up footage of a music video he shot with them and edited it together (the best he could with 1 tape lost).  The video turned out pretty good for a low budget shot in someone’s backyard.  Hopefully with the recent release of their album In What Way, we’ll see some more fun music videos from this great Buffalo, NY band.


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Tao Lin- Whale Poem

Let me preface this with the fact that I rarely like poetry, especially when read in front of crowds. This past year i enjoyed probably 5 poems total, including this one and one written by my friend Eva involving a velociraptor.  Tao Lin is the author of books such as Bed, Eeeee Eee Eeee, and Shoplifting from American Apparel. Enjoy 🙂

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Here’s a short video i did about my mail organizer:

Here’s a couple pictures of the organizer so you can see it better:

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The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is an amazing place in Portland, OR.  I’ve been a little timid to go there so unfortunately i printed ATO #1 at Kinkos.  I did gather the courage to go up there and submit it to the zine library though!  I have vowed to get a membership very soon in time to make copies of All Things Ordinary #2 there (once it’s finished).

After watching this short documentary by Nickey Robare about the IPRC i’m even more excited to become a member, start taking classes, and being productive there!

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