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After seeing several people on my facebook feed posting about this site, i decided to check it out.  Basically it’s a place where people can ask you any question they desire.  They can sign in or ask it anonymously, it’s their choice. You also have the option to delete them or answer them (they don’t become public until you answer them).  Give it a try and ask me something.  Comment with your account and i’ll ask you a question too.


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In my never ending quest to find alternative ways to make money, i found a new possibility yesterday on threadless.com.  I’ve known for a while that you get a good amount of money if one of your design submissions gets printed into a shirt ($2,000 plus a $500 gift certificate for Threadless, plus $500 anytime they reprint the design).  Unfortunately my graphic design skills aren’t quite good enough for that so i’ve never tried to submit anything.  I did notice however that they have a new line of t-shirts called “Typetees” which are mainly text, sometimes illustrated in a interesting way.  Upon further digging, i discovered that anyone can submit slogans (up to 65 characters in length) and if your idea is used, you get $500! So i’ve been submitting ideas like crazy since they’re so easy.  Everything from things i’d actually wear to silly things that i think other people might enjoy (i’m doing it for the kids!).   Much like the regular Threadless shirts, the ideas are voted on my the users.  If you’d like to see my ideas so far (and vote on your favorite ones), click here to check them out.

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