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I’ve Been Blogged!

The IPRC just featured All Things Ordinary #1 in their “made at the IPRC” blog.  You can check out the post here.

In other zine related news, i currently have writers block so i’m stuck at 19 pages still.  I did however get a sneak peak at the cover which is being drawn by a friend of mine and it looks really awesome! I can’t wait to see the final product.


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A few weeks ago i posted my personal zine goals for 2010 in a thread on We Make Zines.  Here they are:

  • Finish 3 more issues of All Things Ordinary before Portland Zine Symposium
  • Help organize the Portland Zine Symposium
  • Table at Chicago Zine Fest and Portland Zine Symposium
  • Complete collaborative zine project about bad house-mate stories with Cortney
  • Buy a paper cutter
  • Finally become a member of the IPRC
  • Get my zines into stores and distros around the world
  • Get better at replying to mail more quickly
  • Start making my own envelope
  • Make a 24 hour zine in July

Thanks to an early birthday present from Cortney, i can already cross one thing off the list (she bought me a year membership to the IPRC).  I plan on trying to make my own envelopes out of old maps i have any day now.  I have a stack of zines packaged and waiting to go out to stores and distros for consideration.  I’ve been checking craigslist every few days for a decent paper cutter so hopefully i’ll find one soon.

As far as All Things Ordinary #2 goes, i have three pieces written and edited for it.  Hopefully this week i will get those printed and laid out.

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The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is an amazing place in Portland, OR.  I’ve been a little timid to go there so unfortunately i printed ATO #1 at Kinkos.  I did gather the courage to go up there and submit it to the zine library though!  I have vowed to get a membership very soon in time to make copies of All Things Ordinary #2 there (once it’s finished).

After watching this short documentary by Nickey Robare about the IPRC i’m even more excited to become a member, start taking classes, and being productive there!

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